Our breeding station in Poland

At the Olympiad in Utrecht in 1995, the Eijerkamp family from Zutphen (the Netherlands) and the owners of OVIGOR, i.e. the Cebulla family from Opole, decided to sign a founding deed to build the breeding station Ponderosa Polska. At the time, Hans Eijerkamp with his sons, Evert-Jan and Hans-Jap, and Henk Juriens, CEO of Ponderosa, selected the best breeding pigeons from their native breeding station in Greenfield Stud. The herd was settled in lofts of the Opole branch: Ponderosa Polska.


ul. Gawędy 70
45-111 Opole
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Dyrektor: Dariusz Burda

tel. +48 501257120


Today, the breeding station Ponderosa Polska can proudly say that an excellent and wise decision was made at the time. Impressive lofts in Opole brought a breath of fresh air and fresh blood to the Polish racing pigeon sport. Their “alumni” have had unprecedented contributions in putting the Polish pigeon sport on a world pedestal. Polish fanciers, who now have access to this excellent reproductive material, have been given a greater chance to prove their breeding craftsmanship and great values of our home material. The combination of these conditions, inseparable for the success of the loft, has resulted in admirable results of many birds.

By the successive introduction of fresh material into breeding, the breeding station Ponderosa Polska aims at achieving the quality that will enable every fancier to select pigeons suited to the direction of their breeding efforts. 2010 and 2011 were spectacular among our stud pigeons!

Our current herd features offspring of the first and second line of the best birds, including pigeons after such parents as:

  • “Mr. Loverman” (Janssen) – the best cock of the Netherlands in 2000:   1st against 8.053 pigeons; 1st against 2.525 pigeons; 1st against 1.127; 2nd against 4.556; 2nd against 4.362; 5th against 1.740; 5th against 1.035; 8th against 6.624; 16th against 2.557; 17th against 2.115; 18th against 1.1488; 18th against 1.789; 19th against 14.407
  • “Silvester” (Janssen) – grandson of “Wonderboy 05 x grandson of “James Bond” – the best pigeons of the Netherlands in short-distance flights in 1997: 1st against 4.593; 1st against 1.546; 1st against 609; 3rd against 7.607; 5th against 2.481; 7th against 1.632; 7th against 2.346; 9th against 19.909; 9th against 1.145
  • “Prima Vera” (Janssen), probably the best hen that has ever flown in the Dutch skies, the winner of 10 first contests!
  • “Bartoli” (Janssen) – Olympiad pigeon from Blackpool: 1st against 1.122; 4th against 7.470; 2nd against 2.165; 4th against 13.250; 4th against 1.327; 5th against 1.966; 9th against1.809;  11th against 5.029; 14th against 3.471
  • “Mister Bond” (Janssen) – grandson of “Porche Bond” – winner of : 1st against Nat.10.221; 1st against 4.621; 1st against 1.964; 2nd against 2.865; 3rd against 11.404; 5th against 3.189; 7th against 4.932; 8th against 2.833
  • “Flits” (Janssen) – grandson of “Fameuze 05” : 1st against 3.824; 1st against 2.221; 1st against 1.938
  • “Chicago” (Van Loon) – winner of 6 first contests,
  • “Silver Shadow” (Van Loon) – winner of 3 first contests,
  • “Beach Boy” (Van Loon) – winner of 3 first contests, etc.
  • “Black Giant” – in 1995, this dark cock won the 1st contest in the country against 40.334 pigeons, coming an hour ahead of other competitors!
  • “Kleine Donkere” – Olympiad pigeon, the best pigeon of the Netherlands.
  • “Jackpot” – son on Olimpiade
  • “Euro” – (Heremans-Ceusters) the 2004 ace Cat. A was purchased by Eijerkamp for the record-breaking amount of EUR 28.800
  • “Olimpiade” – Olympiad pigeon from Lievin
  • “Porche” – son of Olimpiade
  • many new and excellent pigeons, e.g. from the Eijerkamp Muller line, of the contemporary pigeon Jan Aarden – “Bart 84”, “Puk”, “Tarzan 71”, “de Witbuik”, ‘Rex”, whose offspring are successful in the entire world.

A historic meeting at the Olympiad in Utrecht of the brothers, Jacek and Czesław Cebulla (in the front) with the Eijerkamp family, from the left: Hans-Jap, Evert-Jan, Hans and the managers: Joergen Bayer and Henk Jurriens.

from the left: Henk Jurriens, Evert-Jan Eijerkamp and Dariusz Burda (breeding station director) in Greenfield Stud after the selection of new material for PONDEROSA POLSKA.

from the left: Hans Eijerkamp, Dariusz Burda and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp